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Is Your Hot Water System Healthy?

You don’t realise how valuable hot water is (especially in winter) until your taps are running cold! It is important to have your Hot Water Systems checked regularly. We recommend doing so every 12 - 18 months. By doing this you will avoid have to replace your hot water system well before it’s life expectancy. Unfortunately, there are not many signs of a failing hot water system, other than it not working as efficiently as it once did. By having your plumber attend for routine checks, a small fee may prolong you replacing your hot water system before its time.

When to know you need a Plumber

First of all, you must identify what type of Hot water system you have, it will either be an Electric, Gas, Heat Pump or Solar Hot Water System

When you turn on your hot water taps and realise there is no hot water coming out or it is taking a long time to heat up, this is usually the first sign of an issue with the Hot Water system. You can quickly identify yourself a few key issues prior to calling the Plumber or electrician to minimise time and cost as the technician will have a better idea of what to bring.

  1. Go out to your hot water tank and locate the Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve. This is generally found on top of the tank or one one side towards the top half

  2. Test the valve by releasing it and feeling for warm/hot water – Be very careful when doing so as this water can be very hot! Once you have tested the temperature of the of the water, release the spring loaded valve and it will spring back into place.

  3. From this test you can Determine if it is a plumbing or an electrical issue

Electrical Issue:

If the Water is cold then there is an issue with the system no longer producing hot water. If the System is an electric Hot water system then this is most likely and electrical fault rather than a plumbing issue.

Before calling an electrican, you can go to your electrical board and see if the switch for “HW” (hot water) has tripped off. If so then you must call a qualified electrician as there has been a fault in the system to cause this.

Plumbing Issue:

If the water from the relief valve was still warm/hot then it means that there is an issue between the tapware and the system, therefore requiring further investigation by a Plumber.

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